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Call to Donate generously to buy Plot for Graveyard


Dear All Members of Iraqi Biradri (Pakistan).

This is to inform all of you that the current GRAVEYARD of the Anjuman Iraqi Biradri is almost filled so the executive body has decided to purchase one more plot bigger than the previous graveyard keeping in mind the population of the Biradri is increasing rapidly.

This graveyard is also located near the previous graveyard. This plot will cost Rs. 9,000,000/- (Rupees Ninety Lac) the payment is required to be paid urgently, a token amount has been already paid.

So, the members of the executive body have requested the Biradri persons to donate generously for the cause as early as possible so that the plot can be acquired otherwise the Anjuman will have to buy plot 20km away from Sohrabgoth on Super Highway, because the government does not allow to make graveyard with in the populated area.

You are requested to call at Anjuman office to collect your contribution or pay directly in the Account at United Bank Limited, Haidary Market Branch of Anjuman Iraqi Biradri, Account No:058001026261 you can deposit directly or online or call somebody from Anjuman Office to collect your account Payee Cheque in favour of Anjuman Iraqi Biradri Pakistan. You can also send directly into the bank from other countries if you are residing outside Pakistan and inform us through email. Please note account details for outside Pakistan United Bank Limited, Haidary Market Branch of Anjuman Iraqi Biradri, IBAN No: PK66UNIL 0112058001026261, Branch Code:0580, Swift Code: UNIL PKKA.


Best Regards,

President and all Executive Body Members of:

Anjuman Iraqi Biradri Pakistan (Regd.) Karachi

F-106, Block-B, North Nazimabad, Karachi

Phone: (0092) (21) 36678644, 36646895



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